What to Expect During a Quartz Countertop Installation

What to Expect During a Quartz Countertop Installation

Preparing for Your Quartz Countertop Installation Job

Quartz countertops are an excellent choice for the homeowner who wants luxury countertops on a budget. Affordable yet stylish, quartz offers a variety of colors and patterns. It offers easy cleanup. It will withstand wear and tear for many years to come. You’ll be sure to find one that fits your unique style no matter which room you plan to remodel. A quality seller will include free installation in the quartz countertops installed price package.

What to Expect During a Quartz Countertop Installation

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Once you have decided to upgrade your countertops to quartz, it’s important to prepare for your professional countertop installation, so there are no surprises. Before the installation process begins, you and your contractor will work out the quartz countertops installed price, design, and project plan. Quartz installers New Jersey offers three packages ranging from $44.99 to $64.99 per square foot. This includes a wide range of color choices. A professional will help you evaluate which choices will work best with your existing or upgraded cabinetry. This professional will also evaluate the overall design scheme for the room.

Pricing and Deposit Payment

Before the quartz countertop installation begins, you will finalize your choices and quartz countertops installed price. You will also finalize making an initial payment or deposit. Amounts will vary based on the type and size of countertops you are having installed. Quartz installers New Jersey will also schedule a convenient time with you for the installation process. Typically, installation takes a full work day. You may wish to choose a day when you can be out of the house for much of the process due to the noise during the installation.

Preparing Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Prepare your kitchen, bathroom, or other room where quartz installers New Jersey will be working. Clear objects off the counters, the workspace of any items on the floor, and a path from the door to the room.  Materials should be easily moved in and out of the room. You may not be able to use this room for 24 to 48 hours. Make alternate plans for using a kitchen or bathroom during this time. A quartz countertop installation may require some on-site adjustments for the perfect fit. This may result in loud noises and dust in the work area during the installation process. Any messes will be cleaned up once the installation is complete.

Installation Final Touches

What to Expect During a Quartz Countertop Installation

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Once the countertops are installed, our professional installers will use colored resin to seal the seams on the counters. This will give them a high-quality finish. The color is chosen to match your countertop material color for seamless integration. Sinks will be remounted. Final clean up will begin. You will be left with a sparkling clean room to show off your sparkling new counters.

Finishing Up and Final Payments

After quartz installers New Jersey has completed your quartz countertop installation, you will make any final payments as listed in the quartz countertops installed price. The installer will do a final walk through with you. He will answer any final questions. You will need to wait at least 24 hours before reconnecting your plumbing in the remodeled room. This is important to allow everything time to properly dry.

If you choose to have cabinet work done in addition to replacing your countertops, the cabinet work must be completed before countertop installation can begin. This can cause the project to last for several days or longer. Remember to plan accordingly.  You will have limited access to the room undergoing the remodeling process.

Quartz New Jersey provides affordable, luxury quartz countertop installation services in New Jersey. Remodel your kitchen or bathroom with high-class results for low prices. Call us or stop by for a free estimate.

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Quartz Countertop Prices - Material and Installation

Quartz Countertop Prices – Material and Installation

Quartz countertop prices

Quartz countertop prices don’t have to break the bank or your pocketbook. With the options available, kitchen countertop prices won’t disappoint, astonish or shock. Both material and installation charges are combined in price range packages to accommodate almost any budget.

Quartz countertop prices are categorized in 3 different packages. They align with your price range needs. They include:

Package 1 – $44.99

Based on 35 square feet of kitchen countertop space, the total price estimate is $1,775. Also included in this price is $200 cut-out for the sink area.

There are 5 quartz color/styles to choose from in this category. They include:

– Crystal White
– Pure White
– Spot White
– Jazz White
Pebble Rock

Package 2 – $54.99

Based on 35 square feet of kitchen countertop space, the total price estimate is $2,125. Also included in this price is $200 cut-out for the sink area.

There are 6 quartz color/styles to choose from in this category. They include:

White Carrera
– Sahara Gray
– Bedrock
– Fossil Brown
Almond Roca
Lagos Azul

Package 3 – $64.99

Based on 35 square feet of kitchen countertop space, the total price estimate is $2,475. Also included in this price is $200 towards the cut-out for the sink area.

There are 6 quartz color/styles to choose from in this category. They include:

– Shining Gray
– Shining Blue
– Shela White
– Canvas
Toasted Almond

Quartz countertops vs granite cost

Quartz Countertop Prices - Material and Installation

Quartz countertop image source: Pixabay

Quartz countertops were considered more expensive price wise than granite. Quartz countertops vs granite cost less in the long run because of the limited care and maintenance that quartz entails. Quartz does not have to be sealed. It is resistant to staining. This can be a problem with granite countertops. This is why quartz would be a less expensive investment in the long run as opposed to the upkeep and maintenance of granite.

In considering quartz countertops vs granite cost, a comparison can be made in the varying ranges of prices per square foot concerning granite. Granite can be somewhat less expensive than quartz. This is especially when looking at the price per foot for installation. Consideration has to be made regarding all aspects of the process. From materials purchase to final installation and other factors involved with both quartz and granite, everything should be taken into consideration.

When deciding on quartz countertops vs granite cost wise, quartz countertop prices with installation usually can run as high as $65 to $100 per square foot. This brings the average cost of materials and installation for around 40 square feet of countertop space from $2,600 to $4,000. Installation for granite countertops, with the costs of materials included, can range in the same neighborhood of $2,000 to $4,000. The difference is minimal between the two, It can vary with installation time, labor costs, additional costs for cutouts, backsplashes, and other finishing pieces.

Kitchen counter installation New Jersey

Quartz Countertop Prices - Material and Installation

Kitchen countertop image source: Pixabay

The rising costs of countertop materials, added installation charges, and other hidden costs are being felt across the country. This includes New Jersey. There is a growing concern for residents in both Wayne and Franklin Lakes as to how they can save on countertop upgrades. Kitchen counter installation New Jersey is provided by Quartz New Jersey. Our offer includes the right price points and installation packages that meet their budgets and design needs.

There are options for those New Jersey residents who want to make changes and updates to their kitchen countertops. At the same time, they will stay within a budget and acquire quartz countertops that complete their kitchen design dreams.

With the number of home outlet stores in the marketplace, it can be difficult to find the right kitchen counter installation New Jersey residents can trust for elegant materials, quality workmanship and savings costs. One such home improvement center that fills the bill is Quartz New Jersey. We offer just that and more.

Lower costs for both high-end materials and installation give our customers savings benefits and choices. They can discover perfect quartz materials and expert personalized customer service. Kitchen counter installation New Jersey homeowners will appreciate is fulfilled by our experts. We are ready, willing and able to provide a free estimate concerning countertop design requirements. Give us a call. You’ll soon discover that a simple inquiry is a pathway to the countertop selection of your dreams.

View quartz countertop prices on our official website. Discover the three low-priced per square foot packages that are available online. Five and six color choices at reduced prices are accessible for immediate viewing. Superior quartz countertop materials and installation information are readily available through our site. The professional experts at our home improvement center, which serves Northern New Jersey and the surrounding area give direct and immediate answers to all your questions. Call for a free estimate and our team of experts will guide you through the prices, materials, and quartz styles both online and in our virtual showroom gallery.


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How to Pick Right Quartz Countertop for Your Kitchen

How to Pick Right Quartz Countertop for Your Kitchen

The right quartz countertop is made from ground quartz bound using polyester resin. Quartz is nonporous and antimicrobial. This makes it resistant to bacteria growth, stains, and odors. The installation of quartz can be as a slab or tiles. The only limitation is that it cannot be installed for outdoor projects. It is susceptible to fading if exposed to intense sun rays for extended periods.

The installation of the right quartz countertop is gaining popularity among interior designers and homeowners at a rapid pace. The right quartz countertop is relatively easy to maintain. It comes in a broad range of patterns, colors, and textures. The primary use of quartz continues to be for bathroom and kitchen counters. Experts such as Quartz New Jersey, Pental Quartz, and MSI Quartz say it can also be applied for shower stalls, backsplashes, shower entries, fireplace surrounds, and tub deckings. Listed below are tips to help you pick the most suitable quartz for your kitchen area.

Choose the right quartz countertop patterns, colors, and textures

How to Pick Right Quartz Countertop for Your Kitchen

Quartz countertop image source: Pixabay

Quartz surfaces fabricators have significantly altered the look of this product. Quartz is among the most beautiful products available on the market today. It is manufactured in the United States. Most modern patterns bear a striking resemblance to both marble and granite. It is available in a host of colors. When looking for the right quartz countertop, you should pick a hue that matches and complements the color accent. It should also match the theme of your kitchen.

Pental Quartz and MSI Quartz are quartz countertop manufacturing outfits. They have introduced revolutionary new patterns. These patterns resemble black granite and Calacatta marble. Among the most attractive designs is the collection of semi-precious gem quartz surfaces. It is almost similar to geodes in appearance. It presents an innovative concept. This concept has significantly contributed to the competitive Silestone prices New Jersey.

Silestone quartz countertops are available in three different textures. These are matte, polished, and rugged. Some of the quartz surface fabricators have also been developing new and advanced color patterns. Some of these are granite-look, veined, and flecked surfaces. Also, bright and neutral colors are used mostly in contemporary kitchen designs. When looking for the best Silestone prices, remember that New Jersey Quartz offers the best deals.

Choose the most suitable thickness

When selecting the right quartz countertop, it is important to consider the most appropriate thickness for installation in your kitchen area. 1¼ inches is the standard thickness of a quartz slab. This is generally recommended for bathroom vanities and kitchen countertops. Quartz is available in thicknesses of 1½-inch, ½-inch, and ¾-inch. Both Pental Quartz and MSI Quartz fabricate slabs of 1cm in width. These are ideal for the creation of layered edging profiles.

Choose your edging profile

How to Pick Right Quartz Countertop for Your Kitchen

Kitchen countertop image source: Pixabay

Edging helps prevent your clothes from getting caught. It also helps to develop the style of counters and vanities. This affects the competitiveness of Silestone prices New Jersey. Waterfall edges and straight edges are the most common edge profiles. They are mostly used for quartz surfaces today. They can be applied to quartz slabs of 1¼ inches in width. The most intricate edging options are offered by leading quartz fabricators such as Pental Quartz and MSI Quartz. These are ogee, beveled, pencil, bullnose, and laminate. All of these add a dramatic and appealing appearance to quartz slabs.

Kitchen appliances and fixtures

It is also important to select your kitchen appliances and fixtures before you choose your quartz surface. Measurements of the area where the countertop is to be installed must be taken prior to the fabrication of your quartz surface. Choose your faucets and sinks before fabrication if you are planning to install a quartz surface in your bathroom or kitchen. The fabricators will have to know the precise dimensions and number of holes needed for installation. If you intend to install a cooktop, cutout will be required.

For a professional quartz countertop installation, free estimates, and a reliable delivery within Franklin Lakes and Wayne, New Jersey, do not hesitate to contact Quartz New Jersey. We offer great deals on five different colors of quartz surfaces and countertops at $44.99, $54.99, and $64.99 per square foot installed. We also offer free edge treatment and fabrication. Our deals provide the best Silestone prices in New Jersey.
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Beige Quartz Countertops

The Best Beige Quartz Countertops for the Summer

Beige quartz countertops are sure to amaze with their vibrant colors and many choices. Their affordability also means you can install the countertop of your choice without breaking the bank.

Beige Quartz Countertops

Beige Quartz Countertops

Kitchen design photo image source: Flickr

One important decision some people of New Jersey will be making is one that is not getting much press. They will be deciding on the right kind of beige quartz countertops for their homes. This decision is all the more important considering that the summer season is in full swing. That means the countertops displayed in their homes will receive much more attention. Beige quartz countertops can fit a variety of color schemes in the home. Thus they will become a superior option for anyone looking to improve their home with this great countertop.

Antique Pearl

Antique Pearl is one of the best choices from the variety of beige quartz countertops that are available. Antique Pearl looks great. It perfectly complements the house’s existing color scheme. It is also highly stain-resistant and heat-resistant. This means you won’t have to worry about spilling food and drinks on it only to end up with permanent stains that diminish the countertop. The heat resistance is also valuable for placing hot pans on the countertop without concern. All this, combined with an affordable price of $59.99, makes Antique Pearl stand out among other good countertop choices.



The Best Beige Quartz Countertops for the Summer

Beige quartz countertop image source: Flickr

is another good choice when picking from among beige quartz countertops. Its subdued color allows it to blend in well with many different colors of all shades and hues. Buttermilk is a particularly good choice because it’ll also blend in with most styles of homes, whether they’re modern or rustic. Buttermilk will make your countertops look great without drawing too much attention away from the other, more obvious features of your home. For these reasons, it is a great choice for a quartz countertop and it would make a great addition to your home.

Buttermilk, like Antique Pearl, is also highly stain-resistant and heat-resistant. Your home in Wayne or Franklin Lakes will stun your guests and family alike with the Buttermilk quartz countertops. The price of $59.99 is very affordable and includes creating a template, fabrication, and choice of an edge. You will not regret choosing Buttermilk for your quartz countertop color. It is a versatile product that will satisfy you and your family, amaze your guests, and leave your checkbook intact with a reasonable and competitive price of only $59.99. Buttermilk is certainly a great color for a quartz countertop.

Bristol Beige

A Bristol beige quartz countertop is a great choice for those who might find Buttermilk too light of a color for their home. Bristol beige quartz is a somewhat darker shade of beige and will complement any home looking for the darker color. The template, fabrication, installatio and choice of an edge are all part of the price for the Bristol beige quartz, as with the other products.

The price is available for customers who call (973) 302-2071 and ask about the Bristol beige product. Bristol beige quartz is definitely a worthwhile product due to its color and sheen.

Kalahari Quartz Countertop

Fourthly, we have the Kalahari quartz countertop. Its major differences in terms of appearance compared to the other countertops on this list is its luscious sheen and assortment of colors. The sheen on the Kalahari quartz countertop really lights up the room and the various colors mixed into the quartz will definitely improve your home.

The Kalahari quartz countertop is also the cheapest of the four products featured here, only coming in at $49.99. Like all the others, the template, fabrication, installation, and choice of an edge come as part of the price. So what’s the main difference between these products? What mainly separates them from each other is what kind of personal tastes the color will appeal to and their various prices.

Despite their differences, any of the products listed here will transform your kitchen and add vibrant color to the area. Call Quartz New Jersey for an advice or a free estimate. Our professional staff will be happy to help you making the right choice.
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Super white doloite

Super White Dolomite – Genious Solution for Your Kitchen

Most homeowners yearn for the appealing look and feel impacted by the installation of quartz, marble, or granite kitchen countertops. Especially those living in homes that feature contemporary styled kitchen areas feel like this. Regrettably, those materials are usually beyond the price range most of these enthusiasts consider affordable. Geologists, designers, manufacturers, and fabricators have been on the hunt for suitable alternatives. Today, alternative kitchen countertop materials are available at relatively affordable prices. Dolomite and quartzite are those durable alternatives. Both of these bear a striking resemblance to high-end kitchen countertop materials. Even some fabricators are at times confused. These two countertop materials come in a variety of colors. The most elegant and eye-catching of all is the super white.

Super white dolomite

Super white dolomite image source: Decorpad

Dolomite is named after a French mineralogist named Dolomieu. Super White Dolomite is a sedimentary rock. It contains at least 50 percent of the mineral dolomite in weight. It forms underground in the mountains in Italy. It is made of ancient dolomite rock. One of the most distinguishing characteristics between dolomite and limestone is that dolomite does not bubble once exposed to acid. This means that dolomite countertop durability is higher than most of the other kitchen countertop materials. Dolomite is available in a variety of colors. These colors include brown, colorless, pink, black, green, gray, and super white.

Super White Dolomite

The appearance of Super White Dolomite is either pearly or glassy. It is pressure resistant, heat resistant, and even wear resistant. This contributes to the resultant dolomite countertop durability. Super White Dolomite is not marble, granite, or quartzite. It is sort of in between marble and granite. It is important to note that dolomite countertop durability is slightly weaker than the durability of a quartzite countertop. However, dolomite is stronger than marble.

Super White Dolomite is resistant to most of the elements that cause damage to kitchen countertops. However, you should seal your countertop at least once every year. This should be done to make sure you enjoy the benefits offered by the dolomite countertop durability.

Quartzite is a non-foliated metamorphic rock. It forms through the metamorphism of pure quartz sandstone. It is commonly found on hillsides and mountains. Among its most beneficial characteristics is the fact that quartzite is resistant to weathering. The resultant shade of quartzite depends on its quantity of iron oxide. The colors range from black, yellow, blue, purple, brown, to light gray, green, and best of all – super white.

Super White Quartzite

Super white quartzite

Super white quartzite image source: Aquagranite

It is also known as White American. Super White Quartzite is a natural stone. However, it should not be confused with man-made quartz. Quartzite feature properties are quite similar to those of granite. In fact, this material is even harder. Once installed for your countertop, staining will not be much of a concern. Super White Quartzite is an excellent countertop option. If you want the appearance of marble without the high maintenance requirements that accompany marble, quartzite is the right choice.

To effectively maintain this particular quartzite, clean it using only a stone cleaner. Seal it once a year. Do the same as you would for a granite countertop. This type of quartzite holds up considerably. It lacks the etching issues typically associated with calcium-based materials.

Super White quartzite appears lustrous. It has the qualities of being impact resistant, pressure resistant, heat resistant, and even wear resistant. All of this significantly contributes to its durability when used for a countertop.

These two kitchen countertop options work quite well in contemporary kitchens. Kitchens that feature white kitchen cabinetry, light or medium toned hardwood flooring, white or gray bricked backsplash, will benefit from these two countertop options. Stainless steel kitchen appliances and fixtures would also benefit from them.

At Quartz New Jersey, we offer quartz countertops 30% cheaper than home centers. We offer a quick, reliable delivery within Franklin Lakes and Wayne, New Jersey. Available in five different colors, we provide quartz countertops rates of $44.99, $54.99, and $64.99 per square foot installed. We also offer free estimates, edge treatment, fabrication, and installation. Do not hesitate to contact us for whatever you need regarding quartz, including advice or estimate.
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White quartz countertops

Sparkling White Quartz Countertops for Your Gourmet Kitchen

White is a color you may be hesitant to use in your home due to its ability to show dirt and stains. However, sparkling white quartz countertops are an excellent design choice. They resist stains and maintain both their durability and shine for many years. If you are an avid cook, quartz countertops such as Pental Quartz Carrara are an excellent choice. You can prepare food to your heart’s content without worrying about chipping, scratching or staining your beautiful white countertops.

Sparkling White Quartz Countertops Are Durable

Quartz is an engineered stone. It has a natural look paired with the ability to resist stains and scratches due to its non-porous qualities. Unlike granite or marble, quartz does not need to be sealed. A Fairy White quartz countertop will maintain its bright, fresh color for many years in your Wayne kitchen. Acidic foods like tomatoes, vinegar and citrus will not damage or stain a quartz countertop; spilling your coffee or wine is not a disaster with this high-quality engineered stone.

White Quartz Can Look Like Marble

White quartz countertops

White quartz countertops image source: Flickr

For a spectacular look in your kitchen, sparkling white quartz countertops will add a touch of class and the elegance of marble. Pental Quartz Carrara is a white quartz with the look of gray marble veining. It will add a high-end look without the maintenance needs of marble. Marble can easily stain, scratch, crack, chip or become pitted by acidic foods, so Pental Quartz Carrara is an excellent choice in the kitchen.

Pair White Quartz with Shades of Gray

Frosty Carrina quartz also looks like marble with gray veining. It is an excellent choice for any room of the house. Pair it with soft tones of gray and white in the kitchen to showcase the fine details of the pattern and set a mood of sophistication. Because of the natural look of engineered quartz, Frosty Carrina quartz can be paired with other types of natural stone. This includes river rock or slate. For your Franklin Lakes home, you can count on Frosty Carrina quartz to provide durability and to maintain a clear white color for many years.

White Quartz Adds Contrast and Drama

sparkling white quartz countertops

Fairy White quartz also has soft aspects of gray veining. This gives a marble look without the maintenance. Pairing Fairy White quartz with cabinetry in a dark color will give your kitchen a dramatic look. This look is both luxurious and practical. Fairy White quartz won’t absorb stains, so you can feel free to prepare food on your sparkling white quartz countertops without worrying about damaging the surface. Fairy White quartz is a bright and cheerful addition to your home. It adds a look of elegant drama to your New Jersey kitchen.

Our Quartz Countertop Deals

Our quartz countertop specials include several beautiful shades of white countertops to enhance your updated kitchen. Each of our three quartz countertop deals includes a free estimate, edge treatment, fabrication and installation of beautiful white engineered stone. If you’ve been waiting for the moment to add new countertops to your kitchen, our deals allow you to choose the white quartz countertops of your dreams.

Whether you prefer the look of Pental Quartz Carrara or another color such as Frosty Carrina quartz, you will enjoy the look of natural stone. You won’t worry about damage or stains. You will appreciate all the fine qualities of granite or marble countertops, but you can feel confident that the surface can endure the cooking activities in your busy kitchen.
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Gold quartz countertop colors

How to Use Gold Quartz Countertop Colors in a Kitchen

More and more New Jersey homeowners are discovering the beauty of gold quartz countertop colors. These unique countertops are made of ground quartz, resin and gold pigment. Because of the way they’re made, these trendy countertops lack pores, fissures, and seams that can attract and hold dirt and grime or become a breeding ground for mold and mildew. These trendy countertops are also very strong, yet flexible. Quartz countertops are so hard that cooks should avoid knifework directly on them, for they will dull the knives. Read on to learn more about design ideas including gold quartz colors. These colors will help you shape your unique kitchen design vision. They will also bring an air of sophistication and refinement to a room.

Some Facts About Quartz

Silver and gold granite and Quartz countertops

Quartz is silicon dioxide and is found everywhere on Earth. It is part of the makeup of every kind of rock, including sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous. Gold quartz can even be found in nature, though it is not as tough as the quartz used to make our trendy countertops at Quartz New Jersey and is much more subject to damage and staining.

How to Use Gold Quartz Countertop Colors in a Kitchen

These beautiful and trendy countertops can be used to enhance the attractiveness of a kitchen that is already full of warm colors. An example would be a kitchen with cabinets made of blond, lightly varnished wood and a floor laid with tan or beige tiles. The gold quartz countertop can be placed on the kitchen island, around the sink and on top of the floor cabinets. Matching gold quartz tiles can also be used as a backsplash.

A gold quartz countertop can also be a part of a kitchen with darker woods and polished metal. There can be a countertop on an island that contains its own stainless steel sink with chrome faucets or a cook top. Counters on the island can also be fashionably two-tiered. Gold quartz can also form the counter that borders the top of a stove ventilated by a polished metal ventilation hood.

Gold color will work well with both warm and cool tones in your kitchen and bring instant elegance.

What are the Benefits of Quartz Countertops?

Sunny Tuscan Inspired Kitchen with Beautiful Bronze Accents

Quartz countertops, including our gold countertops, don’t need to be sealed like countertops made of natural stone such as granite or marble. They resist etching, scratching, heat and staining and the color saturates the slab. Because pigment is added in precise amounts, our customer can get a replacement for a damaged quartz countertop in exactly the same color. This is nearly impossible for a countertop of natural stone.

To keep that gorgeous gold color of your quartz countertop, clean it with just a damp, clean cloth and a drop of dishwashing detergent, then rinse it off.

How Our Quartz Countertops are Made

Making our unique countertops is quite a process. Quartz boulders are crushed and mixed with an agglomerate, powder and in our gold countertops, gold and other types of pigment. This makes it possible to form a block or slab of engineered stone. The material is cured for a week or so, then cut with a wet cutter or a diamond blade to thicknesses of 12, 20 or 30 millimeters. The typical slab of quartz is a little bit less than 10 feet long by 5 feet wide, but our professionals are able to cut a slab to a customer’s exact specifications.

For more information about our unique countertops made of gold quartz, call us at 973-302-2071 or come to our showroom at 1107 Route 23 South in Wayne, New Jersey. Our professional staff will be happy to help you make the right decision.
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Kitchen Trend: Gorgeous, Low Maintenance Quartz

If you are looking for a luxurious, durable, long-lasting solution in your search for the perfect countertop, look no further than quartz countertops. Low maintenance quartz countertops go beyond meeting the basic needs of a kitchen countertop. The quartz choices, such as Quartz White Storm, Pental Quartz Arctic and Beige Quartz are all low maintenance quartz countertops that are rock solid, unbreakable, easy to clean, long lasting and just as important, they are stain, bacteria and mold resistant.

Among all of the low maintenance quartz countertops in our selection, you will find they are all quite affordable considering their quality and beauty. There are three price ranges to choose from, and you will love the selections. Whether you want Quartz White Storm, Pental Quartz Arctic or Beige Quartz, the order sizes offered right now leave you with the freedom to lavishly deck a large amount of counter space with beautiful quartz. The colors and patterns allow you to choose something that is perfect for the kitchen you have or are in the process of creating.

Low Maintenance Quartz Countertops are Versatile

Kitchen Trend: Gorgeous, Low Maintenance Quartz

Quartz image source: Pixabay

With a Quartz countertop, you can do pretty much anything. You can place piping hot pots and pans straight out of the oven or off the burner on it, or use it for foods and vegetables. You can use it as a surface on which you place your cutting board or any of your kitchen products, and not only is it a great place to work with dough, but because it remains cool, it’s the best surface for rolling out and working with pastry dough, pie crusts, biscuit dough and other types of dough that should have that flaky, crispy lightness.

For Those Who Want Affordable Luxury

In the lowest of the three price ranges, there are 5 different types of quartz countertops from which you can choose. This is where you will find the most pristine of whites, Pure White. You will also find a delicately speckled white called Jazz White. There are also Pebble Rock, Crystal White and Spot White quartz countertops; each is breathtaking and can enhance the look of any kitchen. These cost about $45.00 per sq. ft, and we have a special offer right now where it only costs $1,775 to install 35 square feet. This includes a sink cutout, which would normally set you back $200.

Live a Little

Kitchen Trend: Gorgeous, Low Maintenance Quartz

Quartz kitchen image source: Pixabay

The middle price range has a lot to offer. Starting at about $55 per square foot, there is a rich Bedrock and a pristine White Carrera to choose from. In the light colored range of quartz, White Storm offers a finite appearance and is one of our highlighted products right now. We also have a broad range of beige quartz countertops to choose from in this price range, and shades go from very light to very dark in color. For a 35 square foot size countertop, you can get any of the 6 types of quarts in this collection for just $2, 125.00. These prices always include edge treatment, fabrication, and installation.

The Ultimate In Luxury Countertops

We pride ourselves on offering the finest in luxury quartz countertops in Wayne, North Caldwell, and Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. While all of our quartz have a sheen to them, especially if given a simple wipe down as needed, the ones in this collection have a shine like no other. You will truly be able to see the luxury in your selection with these. The Shela White and Shining Blue are just a couple of the designs that stand out in this range. The Shela White is a cousin to the Pental Quartz Arctic; both of their designs are based on a bold color swirled with a white and a milder color such gray or light brown. If you see a quartz on the site that’s not in any of these groups, call us for a price quote.

If there are other places in or outside of your home where you want to install quartz White Storm, Pental Quartz Arctic, Beige Quartz or any of the other designs or a checkered mix, then we can help you out too.

With our collection of low-maintenance quartz countertops, you never need to look anywhere else. The per square foot price is a real deal because the price already includes the cost of installation, no matter the total square foot measurement. Call us for a free estimate.
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Designer's Choice: Classic Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Designer’s Choice: Classic Quartz Kitchen Countertops

A Classic Quartz Kitchen

If you’re thinking about getting a classic quartz kitchen anywhere in or around Wayne, New Jersey, the Aqua Kitchen & Bath Design Center can make the process simple, smooth and fun. Our staff members are talented kitchen design experts. They have years and years of experience. We make a great choice for people who are looking for the greatest quartz countertop deals around. If you’re interested in a gorgeous quartz countertop that won’t cost you an outrageous amount of money at all, the Aqua Kitchen & Bath Design Center can accommodate you.

Strong Quartz Countertops Available

Designer's Choice: Classic Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Classic quartz kitchen countertops image source: Flickr

People who are looking for durable and strong quartz countertops can always count on the expert team here at the Aqua Kitchen & Bath Design Center. Our skilled staff members are truly well-versed in all of the things that make quartz countertops so special and convenient. Quartz countertops come in many exciting and diverse colors. If you want to experience the pure luxury of plentiful choices, you’ll quickly become enamored by quartz. Quartz color options are far more abundant than granite and marble stone color options. This is due to the fact that granite and marble are both examples of natural stones. Quartz is also a great countertop material due to its sheer strength. The material is comparable to granite and concrete in the toughness department. Quartz tends to be a bit tougher than both of them, however. It’s not too vulnerable to cracking and chipping. If you’re someone who tends to be annoyed by countertop cracks and chips (who really isn’t?), quartz should probably be your go-to material.

Quartz Countertops And Pesky Stains

Pesky stains shouldn’t ever be too big a concern for people who have quartz countertops. This material is non-porous. It is nowhere near as susceptible to staining as concrete, marble and granite are. If you would love nothing more than to invest in a kitchen countertop that gives you zero worries about unattractive and lasting stains, our quartz countertops design assistance may be the way to go. If you invest in a beautiful and classic quartz kitchen, coffee, tomato and juice stains shouldn’t be a problem in your life at all. Our strong quartz countertops are strong for a number of significant reasons. Annoying chipping isn’t a big problem for them. Irritating stains aren’t a big problem for them at all, either. It’s easy to see why strong quartz countertops have so many enthusiastic fans everywhere.

Classic Quartz Kitchen Design And Beyond

Designer's Choice: Classic Quartz Kitchen Countertops

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Our professionals can help you make smart and solid quartz kitchen design choices. If you want to make a lovely backsplash part of your quartz kitchen, for example, we can help you. We have significant expertise regarding all different types of exciting, innovative and interesting quartz kitchen design choices. Our quartz kitchen design expertise is suitable for all kinds of design schemes. People who have cozy and rustic kitchen designs can successfully work with us. People who have more modern and cool kitchen design schemes can successfully work with us as well. We’re here for everyone.

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If you’re searching for reasonably priced quartz countertops design assistance, call our company today for more information. We offer three exciting and affordable deals for people who are interested in quartz countertops and saving big. Our special offers include complimentary edge treatment, installation work, and fabrication. They even include the convenience of free estimates. People who want quartz kitchen countertops should call our company as soon as possible to learn more. We’d love to schedule a complimentary quartz countertops design consultation with you as well.

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All You Need to Know About Quartz Kitchen Countertops

All You Need to Know About Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Quartz is a durable, beautiful choice for kitchen countertops. The colorful designs add a sophisticated look to the modern quartz kitchen. Quartz is stain resistant and scratch resistant, too. The best quartz countertops offer a practical surface for food preparation. They also resist water and heat damage. Quartz countertops are nonporous, antimicrobial. They won’t harbor odors, bacteria or mildew. Spills sit on the surface of the countertop. Everything is easily wiped away without the risk of creating a stain. Quartz can be finished in a variety of attractive treatments. These include matte, honed, textured or glossy finishes.

Manufactured Quartz Countertops

All You Need to Know About Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Quartz kitchen countertop image source: Pixabay

Quartz countertops are made of ground natural quartz. This quartz is engineered and manufactured with resins and pigments. The manufactured countertops offer a wide range of colors, sparkle, and patterns. They offer durability and style to your Wayne home. The end result is a natural-looking surface that is nonporous. Unlike granite countertops, quartz never needs to be sealed. It is resistant to scratches and cracking. The simple maintenance needs of easy-care quartz countertops make them a popular choice for many homeowners. Best quartz countertops are often protected by warranties in the range of 10 to 15 years. You can be confident that they provide a durable surface to anchor your kitchen for many years.

Best Quartz Countertops

As a kitchen decor option, quartz is a very heavy material that typically requires professional installation. This way, it ensures a custom fit in the modern quartz kitchen. The large slabs are fabricated to fit the precise measurements of your kitchen and cabinetry. Quartz offers a similar high-end look as granite. It is available in many similar designs and styles in New Jersey. Easy-care quartz is a high-quality choice for custom kitchens. It is a beautiful decor element along with unique cabinetry, modern appliances, and contemporary fixtures.

Quartz Countertops Maintenance

best quartz countertops

The advantage of best quartz countertops is the easy care. If you have maintained granite in the past, you’ll be impressed with the look and feel and easy-care quartz countertops. You will simply need less maintenance work for detailed care. Simply clean your modern quartz kitchen countertops with soapy water, and maintenance is complete. There is no need for penetrating sealers when you choose quartz for your home. Scouring pads and harsh chemicals should be avoided. They could potentially damage the surface of the quartz.

Quartz Countertop Design

The large slabs and clean cuts of engineered quartz countertops mean that seams can be nearly impossible to see. When granite or marble is cut, small chips along the edge of the cut may make seams more visible. However, quartz cuts very cleanly. It provides a seamless transition for countertop design in the modern quartz kitchen. The flexibility of quartz makes it an excellent choice for complex countertop configurations. Its durability means it can be used for flooring and backsplashes in Franklin Lakes as well.

Our Quartz Countertop Deals

We offer three quartz countertop specials. They include a wide range of colors, styles and patterns. You can choose a simple, natural color or a dramatic, colorful quartz pattern. Both will enhance your kitchen decor. Our pricing includes free delivery, installation, fabrication, and edge treatment. Enjoy a new look in your kitchen with the convenience of modern, durable quartz countertops. Enjoy our competitive pricing, friendly customer service, and efficient professional installation.
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