How to Pick Right Quartz Countertop for Your Kitchen

How to Pick Right Quartz Countertop for Your Kitchen

The right quartz countertop is made from ground quartz bound using polyester resin. Quartz is nonporous and antimicrobial. This makes it resistant to bacteria growth, stains, and odors. The installation of quartz can be as a slab or tiles. The only limitation is that it cannot be installed for outdoor projects. It is susceptible to fading if exposed to intense sun rays for extended periods.

The installation of the right quartz countertop is gaining popularity among interior designers and homeowners at a rapid pace. The right quartz countertop is relatively easy to maintain. It comes in a broad range of patterns, colors, and textures. The primary use of quartz continues to be for bathroom and kitchen counters. Experts such as Quartz New Jersey, Pental Quartz, and MSI Quartz say it can also be applied for shower stalls, backsplashes, shower entries, fireplace surrounds, and tub deckings. Listed below are tips to help you pick the most suitable quartz for your kitchen area.

Choose the right quartz countertop patterns, colors, and textures

How to Pick Right Quartz Countertop for Your Kitchen

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Quartz surfaces fabricators have significantly altered the look of this product. Quartz is among the most beautiful products available on the market today. It is manufactured in the United States. Most modern patterns bear a striking resemblance to both marble and granite. It is available in a host of colors. When looking for the right quartz countertop, you should pick a hue that matches and complements the color accent. It should also match the theme of your kitchen.

Pental Quartz and MSI Quartz are quartz countertop manufacturing outfits. They have introduced revolutionary new patterns. These patterns resemble black granite and Calacatta marble. Among the most attractive designs is the collection of semi-precious gem quartz surfaces. It is almost similar to geodes in appearance. It presents an innovative concept. This concept has significantly contributed to the competitive Silestone prices New Jersey.

Silestone quartz countertops are available in three different textures. These are matte, polished, and rugged. Some of the quartz surface fabricators have also been developing new and advanced color patterns. Some of these are granite-look, veined, and flecked surfaces. Also, bright and neutral colors are used mostly in contemporary kitchen designs. When looking for the best Silestone prices, remember that New Jersey Quartz offers the best deals.

Choose the most suitable thickness

When selecting the right quartz countertop, it is important to consider the most appropriate thickness for installation in your kitchen area. 1¼ inches is the standard thickness of a quartz slab. This is generally recommended for bathroom vanities and kitchen countertops. Quartz is available in thicknesses of 1½-inch, ½-inch, and ¾-inch. Both Pental Quartz and MSI Quartz fabricate slabs of 1cm in width. These are ideal for the creation of layered edging profiles.

Choose your edging profile

How to Pick Right Quartz Countertop for Your Kitchen

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Edging helps prevent your clothes from getting caught. It also helps to develop the style of counters and vanities. This affects the competitiveness of Silestone prices New Jersey. Waterfall edges and straight edges are the most common edge profiles. They are mostly used for quartz surfaces today. They can be applied to quartz slabs of 1¼ inches in width. The most intricate edging options are offered by leading quartz fabricators such as Pental Quartz and MSI Quartz. These are ogee, beveled, pencil, bullnose, and laminate. All of these add a dramatic and appealing appearance to quartz slabs.

Kitchen appliances and fixtures

It is also important to select your kitchen appliances and fixtures before you choose your quartz surface. Measurements of the area where the countertop is to be installed must be taken prior to the fabrication of your quartz surface. Choose your faucets and sinks before fabrication if you are planning to install a quartz surface in your bathroom or kitchen. The fabricators will have to know the precise dimensions and number of holes needed for installation. If you intend to install a cooktop, cutout will be required.

For a professional quartz countertop installation, free estimates, and a reliable delivery within Franklin Lakes and Wayne, New Jersey, do not hesitate to contact Quartz New Jersey. We offer great deals on five different colors of quartz surfaces and countertops at $44.99, $54.99, and $64.99 per square foot installed. We also offer free edge treatment and fabrication. Our deals provide the best Silestone prices in New Jersey.
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