Kitchen Trend: Gorgeous, Low Maintenance Quartz

If you are looking for a luxurious, durable, long-lasting solution in your search for the perfect countertop, look no further than quartz countertops. Low maintenance quartz countertops go beyond meeting the basic needs of a kitchen countertop. The quartz choices, such as Quartz White Storm, Pental Quartz Arctic and Beige Quartz are all low maintenance quartz countertops that are rock solid, unbreakable, easy to clean, long lasting and just as important, they are stain, bacteria and mold resistant.

Among all of the low maintenance quartz countertops in our selection, you will find they are all quite affordable considering their quality and beauty. There are three price ranges to choose from, and you will love the selections. Whether you want Quartz White Storm, Pental Quartz Arctic or Beige Quartz, the order sizes offered right now leave you with the freedom to lavishly deck a large amount of counter space with beautiful quartz. The colors and patterns allow you to choose something that is perfect for the kitchen you have or are in the process of creating.

Low Maintenance Quartz Countertops are Versatile

Kitchen Trend: Gorgeous, Low Maintenance Quartz

Quartz image source: Pixabay

With a Quartz countertop, you can do pretty much anything. You can place piping hot pots and pans straight out of the oven or off the burner on it, or use it for foods and vegetables. You can use it as a surface on which you place your cutting board or any of your kitchen products, and not only is it a great place to work with dough, but because it remains cool, it’s the best surface for rolling out and working with pastry dough, pie crusts, biscuit dough and other types of dough that should have that flaky, crispy lightness.

For Those Who Want Affordable Luxury

In the lowest of the three price ranges, there are 5 different types of quartz countertops from which you can choose. This is where you will find the most pristine of whites, Pure White. You will also find a delicately speckled white called Jazz White. There are also Pebble Rock, Crystal White and Spot White quartz countertops; each is breathtaking and can enhance the look of any kitchen. These cost about $45.00 per sq. ft, and we have a special offer right now where it only costs $1,775 to install 35 square feet. This includes a sink cutout, which would normally set you back $200.

Live a Little

Kitchen Trend: Gorgeous, Low Maintenance Quartz

Quartz kitchen image source: Pixabay

The middle price range has a lot to offer. Starting at about $55 per square foot, there is a rich Bedrock and a pristine White Carrera to choose from. In the light colored range of quartz, White Storm offers a finite appearance and is one of our highlighted products right now. We also have a broad range of beige quartz countertops to choose from in this price range, and shades go from very light to very dark in color. For a 35 square foot size countertop, you can get any of the 6 types of quarts in this collection for just $2, 125.00. These prices always include edge treatment, fabrication, and installation.

The Ultimate In Luxury Countertops

We pride ourselves on offering the finest in luxury quartz countertops in Wayne, North Caldwell, and Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. While all of our quartz have a sheen to them, especially if given a simple wipe down as needed, the ones in this collection have a shine like no other. You will truly be able to see the luxury in your selection with these. The Shela White and Shining Blue are just a couple of the designs that stand out in this range. The Shela White is a cousin to the Pental Quartz Arctic; both of their designs are based on a bold color swirled with a white and a milder color such gray or light brown. If you see a quartz on the site that’s not in any of these groups, call us for a price quote.

If there are other places in or outside of your home where you want to install quartz White Storm, Pental Quartz Arctic, Beige Quartz or any of the other designs or a checkered mix, then we can help you out too.

With our collection of low-maintenance quartz countertops, you never need to look anywhere else. The per square foot price is a real deal because the price already includes the cost of installation, no matter the total square foot measurement. Call us for a free estimate.
Featured image source: Pixabay

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