White quartz countertops

Sparkling White Quartz Countertops for Your Gourmet Kitchen

White is a color you may be hesitant to use in your home due to its ability to show dirt and stains. However, sparkling white quartz countertops are an excellent design choice. They resist stains and maintain both their durability and shine for many years. If you are an avid cook, quartz countertops such as Pental Quartz Carrara are an excellent choice. You can prepare food to your heart’s content without worrying about chipping, scratching or staining your beautiful white countertops.

Sparkling White Quartz Countertops Are Durable

Quartz is an engineered stone. It has a natural look paired with the ability to resist stains and scratches due to its non-porous qualities. Unlike granite or marble, quartz does not need to be sealed. A Fairy White quartz countertop will maintain its bright, fresh color for many years in your Wayne kitchen. Acidic foods like tomatoes, vinegar and citrus will not damage or stain a quartz countertop; spilling your coffee or wine is not a disaster with this high-quality engineered stone.

White Quartz Can Look Like Marble

White quartz countertops

White quartz countertops image source: Flickr

For a spectacular look in your kitchen, sparkling white quartz countertops will add a touch of class and the elegance of marble. Pental Quartz Carrara is a white quartz with the look of gray marble veining. It will add a high-end look without the maintenance needs of marble. Marble can easily stain, scratch, crack, chip or become pitted by acidic foods, so Pental Quartz Carrara is an excellent choice in the kitchen.

Pair White Quartz with Shades of Gray

Frosty Carrina quartz also looks like marble with gray veining. It is an excellent choice for any room of the house. Pair it with soft tones of gray and white in the kitchen to showcase the fine details of the pattern and set a mood of sophistication. Because of the natural look of engineered quartz, Frosty Carrina quartz can be paired with other types of natural stone. This includes river rock or slate. For your Franklin Lakes home, you can count on Frosty Carrina quartz to provide durability and to maintain a clear white color for many years.

White Quartz Adds Contrast and Drama

sparkling white quartz countertops

Fairy White quartz also has soft aspects of gray veining. This gives a marble look without the maintenance. Pairing Fairy White quartz with cabinetry in a dark color will give your kitchen a dramatic look. This look is both luxurious and practical. Fairy White quartz won’t absorb stains, so you can feel free to prepare food on your sparkling white quartz countertops without worrying about damaging the surface. Fairy White quartz is a bright and cheerful addition to your home. It adds a look of elegant drama to your New Jersey kitchen.

Our Quartz Countertop Deals

Our quartz countertop specials include several beautiful shades of white countertops to enhance your updated kitchen. Each of our three quartz countertop deals includes a free estimate, edge treatment, fabrication and installation of beautiful white engineered stone. If you’ve been waiting for the moment to add new countertops to your kitchen, our deals allow you to choose the white quartz countertops of your dreams.

Whether you prefer the look of Pental Quartz Carrara or another color such as Frosty Carrina quartz, you will enjoy the look of natural stone. You won’t worry about damage or stains. You will appreciate all the fine qualities of granite or marble countertops, but you can feel confident that the surface can endure the cooking activities in your busy kitchen.
Featured image source: Flickr

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