Super white doloite

Super White Dolomite – Genious Solution for Your Kitchen

Most homeowners yearn for the appealing look and feel impacted by the installation of quartz, marble, or granite kitchen countertops. Especially those living in homes that feature contemporary styled kitchen areas feel like this. Regrettably, those materials are usually beyond the price range most of these enthusiasts consider affordable. Geologists, designers, manufacturers, and fabricators have been on the hunt for suitable alternatives. Today, alternative kitchen countertop materials are available at relatively affordable prices. Dolomite and quartzite are those durable alternatives. Both of these bear a striking resemblance to high-end kitchen countertop materials. Even some fabricators are at times confused. These two countertop materials come in a variety of colors. The most elegant and eye-catching of all is the super white.

Super white dolomite

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Dolomite is named after a French mineralogist named Dolomieu. Super White Dolomite is a sedimentary rock. It contains at least 50 percent of the mineral dolomite in weight. It forms underground in the mountains in Italy. It is made of ancient dolomite rock. One of the most distinguishing characteristics between dolomite and limestone is that dolomite does not bubble once exposed to acid. This means that dolomite countertop durability is higher than most of the other kitchen countertop materials. Dolomite is available in a variety of colors. These colors include brown, colorless, pink, black, green, gray, and super white.

Super White Dolomite

The appearance of Super White Dolomite is either pearly or glassy. It is pressure resistant, heat resistant, and even wear resistant. This contributes to the resultant dolomite countertop durability. Super White Dolomite is not marble, granite, or quartzite. It is sort of in between marble and granite. It is important to note that dolomite countertop durability is slightly weaker than the durability of a quartzite countertop. However, dolomite is stronger than marble.

Super White Dolomite is resistant to most of the elements that cause damage to kitchen countertops. However, you should seal your countertop at least once every year. This should be done to make sure you enjoy the benefits offered by the dolomite countertop durability.

Quartzite is a non-foliated metamorphic rock. It forms through the metamorphism of pure quartz sandstone. It is commonly found on hillsides and mountains. Among its most beneficial characteristics is the fact that quartzite is resistant to weathering. The resultant shade of quartzite depends on its quantity of iron oxide. The colors range from black, yellow, blue, purple, brown, to light gray, green, and best of all – super white.

Super White Quartzite

Super white quartzite

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It is also known as White American. Super White Quartzite is a natural stone. However, it should not be confused with man-made quartz. Quartzite feature properties are quite similar to those of granite. In fact, this material is even harder. Once installed for your countertop, staining will not be much of a concern. Super White Quartzite is an excellent countertop option. If you want the appearance of marble without the high maintenance requirements that accompany marble, quartzite is the right choice.

To effectively maintain this particular quartzite, clean it using only a stone cleaner. Seal it once a year. Do the same as you would for a granite countertop. This type of quartzite holds up considerably. It lacks the etching issues typically associated with calcium-based materials.

Super White quartzite appears lustrous. It has the qualities of being impact resistant, pressure resistant, heat resistant, and even wear resistant. All of this significantly contributes to its durability when used for a countertop.

These two kitchen countertop options work quite well in contemporary kitchens. Kitchens that feature white kitchen cabinetry, light or medium toned hardwood flooring, white or gray bricked backsplash, will benefit from these two countertop options. Stainless steel kitchen appliances and fixtures would also benefit from them.

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